Gustaf Kossinna [1858-1931](有时拼写为Gustav)是一位德国考古学家和民族历史学家,被广泛认为是考古学家和纳粹海因里希·希姆勒的工具,尽管Kossinna在希特勒崛起期间去世。但这不是整个故事。作为柏林大学的语言学家和语言学家,Kossinna是一位迟到的史前皈依者,是Kulturkreise运动的热心支持者和推动者 – 对特定地区的文化历史的明确定义。他也是Nordische Gedanke(北欧思想)的支持者,可以粗略地概括为“真正的德国人是纯粹的,原始的北欧种族和文化的后裔,一个必须履行其历史命运的选定种族;不应允许任何其他人在”。根据HeinzGrünert最近(2002年)的传记,Kossinna在他的整个职业生涯中对古代德国人很感兴趣,尽管他最初是一名语言学家和历史学家。他的主要老师是柏林大学德语史前专家德国语言学教授卡尔马伦霍夫。在1894年36岁时,Kossinna决定转向史前考古学,在1895年卡塞尔的一次会议上通过讲述考古史来向自己介绍自己,实际上并不是很好。、


Gustaf Kossinna [1858-1931] (sometimes spelled Gustav) is a German archaeologist and national historian widely regarded as an archaeologist and a tool of Nazi Heinrich Himmler, although Kossinna is in Hitler. He died during the rise. But this is not the whole story. As a linguist and linguist at the University of Berlin, Kossinna is a late-time prehistoric convert, an enthusiastic supporter and promoter of the Kulturkreise movement – a clear definition of the cultural history of a particular region. He is also a supporter of Nordische Gedanke (Nordic Thought), which can be roughly summarized as “the true German is pure, the descendant of the original Nordic race and culture, a selected race that must fulfill its historical destiny; no should be allowed Others are at.” According to a recent biography of Heinz Grününert (2002), Kossinna was very interested in ancient Germans throughout his career, even though he was originally a linguist and historian. His main teacher is Karl Marlhof, a professor of German linguistics at the University of Berlin. At the age of 36 in 1894, Kossinna decided to turn to prehistoric archaeology. At a meeting in Kassel in 1895, he introduced himself to himself by telling archaeological history, which was actually not very good.