Zamperini于1946年与Cynthia Applewhite结婚。大约在同一时间,一份报纸的报道报道,渡边M彦(Mutsuhiro Watanabe)在爱人协议中自杀。 Zamperini试图继续他的生活,在Warner Brothers Studios担任低薪工作,培训演员如何骑马。然而,多年的折磨严重影响了Zamperini。他经常遭受噩梦,抑郁和酗酒。他的婚姻摇摇欲坠。辛西娅准备申请离婚,但在1949年10月22日,她说服路易斯去洛杉矶参加比利格雷厄姆的十字军东征。然而,格雷厄姆的信息,“耶稣曾经写过的唯一讲道”,令路易斯如此沮丧,他冲出来了。不知何故,辛西娅第二天晚上再次和他说话。 Louis Zamperini通过耶稣基督回应了宽恕和救赎的呼唤。他回忆说,后来,他把所有酒精倒在排水沟里,随之而来的是他战争年代的噩梦。 1952年,Zamperini在洛杉矶北部的山区为有风险的年轻人创立了胜利男孩营。尽管该营地于2014年关闭,但其作为Louis Zamperini青年事工部今天继续开展工作,为数百个寄养家庭,青年营,教堂,学校,青少年惩教设施和国民警卫队青年挑战计划提供支持和指导。


Zamperini married Cynthia Applewhite in 1946. At about the same time, a newspaper reported that Mutsuhiro Watanabe committed suicide in a lover agreement. Zamperini tried to continue his life, working as a low-paying job at Warner Brothers Studios, training actor how to ride a horse. However, years of torture have seriously affected Zamperini. He often suffers from nightmares, depression and alcoholism. His marriage is crumbling. Cynthia was preparing to apply for a divorce, but on October 22, 1949, she persuaded Louis to go to Los Angeles to participate in the Crusades of Billy Graham. However, Graham’s message, “The only sermon that Jesus once wrote,” made Louis so depressed that he rushed out. Somehow, Cynthia talked to him again the next night. Louis Zamperini responded to the call of forgiveness and redemption through Jesus Christ. He recalled that he later dumped all the alcohol in the gutter, followed by the nightmare of his war years. In 1952, Zamperini founded the Victory Boys Camp for risky young people in the mountains of northern Los Angeles. Although the camp was closed in 2014, it continues to work as the Louis Zamperini Youth Ministry today, supporting hundreds of foster families, youth camps, churches, schools, youth correctional facilities and the National Guard Youth Challenge Program. guide.