Lykan由位于迪拜的W Motors制造,是第一款完全在中东建造的豪华汽车,专门针对该公司网站所称的“超高净值人士”。 W Motors似乎将钻石作为汽车设计的典范。它的未来主义外观不仅具有一系列多面角度,其头灯上镶嵌了不少于220颗钻石和其他宝石。它还拥有一个发动机的野兽,可以在2.7秒内轻松达到0到60。虽然它具有阿斯顿马丁的名字,但这款超级跑车与传统的詹姆斯邦德式底盘几乎没有相似之处。 Valkyrie与红牛车队共同开发,旨在模糊街车和公路赛车之间的界线。它不仅由赛车轻质碳纤维制成,并由中置V12发动机推动,驾驶员和乘客坐在一个模仿F1赛车手的斜倚位置。虽然我们发现几乎不可能围绕1500马力在街道上的感觉,但我们将采取布加迪的说法,即Chiron提供它 – 以及更多。 16缸涡轮增压发动机负责所有动力,但由于定制的碳陶瓷制动盘和卡钳,驾驶员可以轻松控制它。与一些超级跑车不同,Chiron的外观设计是一种内敛优雅的典范,而不是无拘无束的华丽。对于许多跑车爱好者来说,不亚于法拉利会做的事情。在许多情况下,很难超越意大利汽车制造商自1939年以来的出色设计和性能组合.Laferrari FXX K肯定是一款令人惊叹的6.3升V12发动机和1,000马力。至于最重要的0到60测量,这个意大利小工作在我们的列表上有其他超级跑车,在赛道上以2.4秒进入。


Made by W Motors in Dubai, Lykan is the first luxury car to be built entirely in the Middle East, specifically for the company’s website as “ultra-high net worth individuals.” W Motors seems to use diamonds as a model for car design. Its futuristic appearance not only has a series of multifaceted angles, but its headlights are set with no less than 220 diamonds and other gems. It also has an engine beast that can easily reach 0 to 60 in 2.7 seconds. Although it has the name of Aston Martin, this supercar has almost no resemblance to the traditional James Bond chassis. Developed jointly with Red Bull Racing, Valkyrie aims to blur the line between street cars and road racing. Not only is it made of lightweight carbon fiber from the car, it is driven by a mid-mounted V12 engine, and the driver and passenger sit in a reclined position that mimics the F1 racer. While we found it almost impossible to feel around the 1500 horsepower on the street, we will take Bugatti’s claim that Chiron offers it – and more. The 16-cylinder turbocharged engine is responsible for all power, but thanks to the custom-made carbon ceramic brake discs and calipers, the driver can easily control it. Unlike some super sports cars, Chiron’s exterior design is a model of restrained elegance, rather than unrestrained beauty. For many sports car enthusiasts, it is no less than what Ferrari will do. In many cases, it is difficult to surpass the excellent design and performance combination of Italian carmakers since 1939. The Laferrari FXX K is definitely an amazing 6.3-liter V12 engine and 1,000 horsepower. As for the most important 0 to 60 measurements, this Italian small job has other supercars on our list, which enters on the track in 2.4 seconds.