Embry-Riddle航空大学:虽然代托纳海滩的Embry-Riddle并不倾向于在航空航天工程项目中排名第一,但其激光专注于航空和拥有自己机场的校园可以使其成为有兴趣的学生的理想机构。航空航天工程的地球一侧。这所大学比其他任何一所学校都更容易获得:SAT和ACT分数略高于平均水平通常是足够的。乔治亚理工学院:佐治亚理工学院拥有1,200多个航空航天工程专业,是该国最大的项目之一。随着规模的扩大,包括超过40名终身教职员工,一个协作学习实验室(Aero Maker Space)以及可以处理燃烧过程和高速空气动力学测试的众多研究设施。麻省理工学院:麻省理工学院自1896年以来一直是风洞的所在地,其AeroAstro是该国最古老,最负盛名的学院之一。毕业生已经在美国宇航局,空军和许多私营公司担任高级职务。无论是设计无人机还是微型卫星,学生都可以在太空系统实验室和Gelb实验室等设施中获得丰富的实践经验。


Embry-Riddle Aviation University: Although Embry-Riddle on Daytona Beach does not tend to rank first in aerospace engineering projects, its laser focus on aviation and campuses with its own airports can make it an interested student. The ideal institution. The earth side of aerospace engineering. This university is easier to get than any other school: SAT and ACT scores are usually above average and usually enough. Georgia Institute of Technology: Georgia Institute of Technology has more than 1,200 aerospace engineering programs and is one of the largest projects in the country. As the scale expands, it includes more than 40 tenured faculty, an Aero Maker Space, and numerous research facilities that can handle combustion processes and high-speed aerodynamic testing. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been home to wind tunnels since 1896, and its AeroAstro is one of the oldest and most prestigious colleges in the country. Graduates have held senior positions at NASA, the Air Force and many private companies. Whether designing drones or microsatellites, students gain extensive hands-on experience in facilities such as the Space Systems Laboratory and the Gelb Lab.