Bogatyrs类似于西方骑士,是俄罗斯byliny(былины)的主要角色 – 类似于战争和挑战的故事。关于bogatyrs的故事可以分为两个时期:基督教前和后。前基督教的bogatyrs是神话般的骑士般的强人,如Svyatogor–一个巨大的巨人,其重量如此之大,甚至他的母亲,地球也无法承受它。 Mikula Selyaninovich是一个超级强大的农民,不能被打败,伏尔加Svyatoslavich是一个可以采取任何形式和理解动物的bogatyr。后基督教的乞丐包括伊利亚·穆罗梅茨(Ilya Muromets),他度过了生命中最初33年的瘫痪,Alyosha Popovich和Dobrynya Nikitich。这是一种神奇的民间故事 – 最流行的民间故事类型之一 – 讲述了沙皇最小的儿子的故事。当火鸟开始从沙皇的花园里偷走金苹果时,沙皇的三个儿子出发去捕捉它。 Ivan和一只会说话的狼交朋友,他帮助他找到Firebird并在此过程中释放了Elena the Beautiful。


Bogatyrs is similar to Western knights and is the main character of Russian byliny (былины) – a story similar to war and challenge. The story about bogatyrs can be divided into two periods: before and after Christianity. The former Christian bogatyrs are fabulous knight-like strongmen, such as Svyatogor – a huge giant whose weight is so great that even his mother, the earth can not afford it. Mikula Selyaninovich is a super powerful peasant and cannot be defeated. Volga Svyatoslavich is a bogatyr that can take any form and understand animals. Post-Christian crickets include Ilya Muromets, who spent the first 33 years of his life, Alyosha Popovich and Dobrynya Nikitich. This is a magical folktale – one of the most popular types of folktales – telling the story of the Tsar’s youngest son. When the flamingo began to steal the golden apple from the tsar’s garden, the three sons of the tsar set out to capture it. Ivan made friends with a talking wolf. He helped him find Firebird and released Elena the Beautiful in the process.& �wgCw