David Koresh(1959年8月17日 – 1993年4月19日)是一个宗教派别的魅力领袖,被称为大卫教派。在德克萨斯州韦科与酒精,烟草和火器局(ATF)的致命对峙中,科雷什及其80多名追随者被杀。 David Koresh(出生于Vernon Wayne Howell)出生于德克萨斯州,是一位十四岁的母亲。他从不认识他的父亲,她在分娩前与母亲分手。年轻的Koresh Howell的母亲后来搬进了一个暴力和虐待的男人。当Koresh四岁时,他被外祖母送去抚养,但当他七岁时,他的母亲结婚了,他又回去和她和她的新丈夫住在一起。然而,他仍然定期与他的祖母一起参加宗教仪式,他的祖母将他带到她的基督复临安息日教会。在青少年时期,Koresh与阅读障碍斗争,并被安排在特殊教育班。他被认为是尴尬和不受欢迎的。他在高中毕业前辍学,二十出头,他犯了法定强奸罪,导致一名15岁女孩怀孕。在追捕牧师的十几岁的女儿并说上帝命令他嫁给她之后,他后来被赶出了他母亲的福音派教会。到了八十年代初,他搬到了韦科,在那里他加入了大卫山分行的卡梅尔山中心。在一年左右的时间里,Koresh声称拥有预言的天赋。


David Koresh (August 17, 1959–April 19, 1993) was the charismatic leader of a religious sect known as the Branch Davidians. During a deadly standoff in Waco, Texas with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), Koresh and more than 80 of his followers were killed. David Koresh (born Vernon Wayne Howell) was born in Texas to a fourteen-year-old mother. He never knew his father, who broke up with his mother before she gave birth. The young Koresh Howell’s mother later moved in with a violent and abusive man. When Koresh was four years old, he was sent to be raised by his maternal grandmother, but when he was seven, his mother got married and he went back to live with her and her new husband. However, he still attended religious services regularly with his grandmother, who took him to her Seventh Day Adventist church. As a teenager, Koresh struggled with dyslexia and was placed in special education classes. He was considered awkward and unpopular. He dropped out of school before his senior year of high school, and in his early twenties, he committed statutory rape, resulting in a 15-year-old girl’s pregnancy. He was later thrown out of his mother’s evangelical church after pursuing the pastor’s teenage daughter and saying that God had ordered him to marry her. By the early eighties, he moved to Waco, where he joined the Branch Davidians at their Mount Carmel Center. Within a year or so, Koresh was claiming to have the gift of prophecy.